Principal Speech



Principal Speech

Greetings from K.B.J.G. Chemnnai we are, indeed a happy school. Importantly, we are a dynamic and agile school. Walk through a corridor of our school you will notice an excited buzz emahating from class rooms. Industrious focus in the STEAM laboratories quiet serenity in the yoga studio competitive comaraderie in the sports stadium and harmonious melody in the music room.

Well being, at this time especially, is an important focus of our school. Trained counselors, 24 hours helpline,frequent communication,balanced timetables and above all an empathetic faculty, facilitate our school's caring ambience.

Credit must be given to pur parents for their support and cooperation, we are yoked together, in sync with the same dreams for the progress of their children,our students , our students. we believe that we are one big happy family and our parents are our biggest stakeholders.

No wonder then, that our academic strength has increased year after year with our students achieving top scores in every examination, be it or benchmarking teast such as olympaid. During this period of distance learning in school (now covid 19) we ensure that our students moral fiber and life skills are honed to meet the challenge of tommorow.

we are especially careful to attend to vulnerable students and walk with them,step by step, as per their need.

If we work together, mountain can be moved and momentous miracles are possible.

God bless all.