The school event calendar comprises of theme based moths seeking to integrate learning. These incorporate interesting activities like quizzes, skits, in-house Competitions, Exhibitions, Debates and Creative Writing which resolve around the chosen theme or subject Students make presentations on these themes during special assemblies. 100% participation ensures that each student gain confidence and grows in self esteem as a result.

Aesthetic Clubs

The school offers a choice of clubs in the middle school such as Public Speaking, Music, Dance, Instruments.

Educational Tours

Tours are organized to various places of historical and cultural importance as part of value-oriented education Scouts & Guides.

K.B.J. Gurrukukam Scout Group & K.B.J.Gurrukulam Guide Company, affiliated to the Tamilnadu Bharat Scouts & Guides, have own many laurels at both the district and state levels. The Scouts & Guides are trained very well and motivated to earn the Rashtrapati Award. Our troop always has a leading position in the Republic Day Parade held at Marina and State Headquarters.

  • A Student can join any one of these and pursue the artistic field of his/her choice.
  • To further enhance the talent of every student special provisions made in the form of art activities.
  • Students can choose from sports, Art, Music, Dance, Mridangam classes which are held twice a week under the supervision of trained staff.
  • The Annual Day Celebrations / Science Fair, Sports and Physical fitness.
  • The School has specially trained staff to ensure the physical well being od students. Physical education periods in the regular school Time-Table are supplemented by special coaching for both indoor and out door games in the mornings and after school hours.
  • The sports offered are Athletics, Volley ball, Throw Ball, Cricket, Table Tennis, snooker and Chess.
  • Inter house and interschool competitions are organized all through the academic session which inculcates team spirit and train students to take on challenges. The Annual sports day is held at the end of the year.